The "CashJournalism" project is a trilogy of nonfiction books. It consists of buying with cash the protagonist of the book, and with that illuminate the most unknown parts of a market.

The first book of the trilogy was "La vida de un vaca" (Argentina, 2008), published throughout Latin America. In that book, J.P. Meneses bought La Negra, a week-old calf, and counted his life for three years. "An extreme, creative and very new proposal in the panorama of the current Hispanic-American journalism," newspaper La Nación, Argentina.

The second book of the trilogy was "Niños futbolistas" (Spain, 2013). Published in more than 20 countries, with translations into French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.

In this book J.P. Meneses travels Latin America to buy a child soccer players, and then sell it to Spain. From the book it was said: "Never before has soccer been seen this way2 El País.

The last book of the trilogy is the one that will leave the Church of the Portable Journalism.